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Fundamental Baptist Books: The KJB Bible Book Store    
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how you can help this ministryAbout this Ministry

Fundamental Baptist Books is led by missionaries Rick and Cindy Grisham, who founded the work many years ago through God's leading.

Grisham Family Missionary Prayer Card

The goal of our ministry is to help pastors and churches obtain the right kind of King James Bibles, KJV based books, and conservative Christian Music.

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Our Mission

  • Assisting pastors and their churches establish a bookstore, a resource center, or church library
  • Displaying our materials at meetings, conferences, or church services
  • Special pricing for churches
  • Wholesale pricing for bookstores
  • Quantity pricing for Sunday School materials and special programs
  • Discounted pricing for individuals
  • Discount pricing on Hymnals
  • Available for teaching and preaching


Publishers We Offer

We carry one of the largest selections of fundamental Baptist publishers in the world, including:

  • Crown Christian Publications
  • Prepare Now Resources
  • North Valley Publications
  • Striving Together Publications
  • Sword of the Lord Publishers
  • Revival Fires Publications
  • ... and many other noteworthy publishers


Bibles We Provide

  • 1611 Edition KJV
  • Cambridge University Press
  • Children's Bibles
  • Classic Note Bible
  • Classic Soulwinner's New Testament
  • Defined Bible
  • Geneva Bible
  • Gift & Award Bibles
  • Broadman Holman Bible Publishers
  • Keyword Study Bible
  • Life Application Study Bible
  • Mathew Henry Study Bible
  • Old Scofield Study Bible
  • Rock of Ages Study Bible
  • Ryrie Study Bible
  • Spanish Bibles
  • Thomas Nelson
  • Thompson Chain Reference


How can we help you?

Would you like us to speak or exhibit books at your church or conference? Do you need help starting a bookstore with sound, independent Baptist materials? Can we be a blessing in some other way?

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