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    The Cutting Edge Lodged in the Groves 

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Dennis Palmu
Published by Gail Riplinger

In May of 2006, David Bay of Cutting Edge Ministries posted a five-part series of articles, misnamed "Defending the King James Version". In point of fact, these articles constitute one of the most vicious attacks ever launched against the 1611 KJV. In addition, these articles surreptitiously serve as the foundation for David Bay’s four part DVD series entitled ‘The Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings."

The common denominator in the articles and the DVD series is Francis Bacon, the supposed mastermind behind the alleged Rosicrucian, Masonic and occult images in the 1611 King James Version and the guiding spirit behind the founding of America…allegedly Bacon’s New Atlantis. This book is a rebuttal to David Bay’s ill-advised and unfounded attack on he general title page engraving, the genealogy pages, the head pieces and tail pieces, and the woodcut letter at book and chapter beginning.

Of equal if not greater, concern is Bay’s grand vision of the entire text of the 1611 KJV being constructed on a Masonic template of the Generative-Principle flanked by two giant phalli…a vision prompted by "an occultist with the handle of Satanic Red."

Paperback 105 pages

Price: $12.95


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