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    Some Thoughts on American History 

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Dr. Wendell Evans
Published by Hyles Publication ()

With a master's degree in history and much study and research, Dr. Evans is more than qualified to write about American history. You say you read a history book one time, and you went to sleep in five minutes? Well take a chance, and try this informal approach. It was not written for the professional historian but for the ordinary American who has finally conjured up the curiosity to ask some questions and seek some answers about the greatest nation on earth.

What? You have no interest in your country’s history? Perhaps we history teachers have not done much to stir your interest, but in spite of us you should have enough curiosity to ask a few questions. You are the recipient of the greatest heritage in world history! Don’t you wonder how you got it? Freedom has a price-like anything else. Don’t you wonder about the circumstances under which hundreds of thousands gave their lives to give you your freedom?

"Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof." (Leviticus xxv, 10) Bible verse and reference as engraved on the Liberty Bell.

Paperback 110 pages including illustrations

Price: $10.00


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