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    Blessings from Parenthood 

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Don Woodard
Published by Sword of the Lord

Through short vignettes of experiences with his children during their tender years, Don Woodard shows in "Blessings from Parenthood" just how precious raising a child in a Christian home can be. Replete with Scripture quotations and biblical applications for your family, "Blessings from Parenthood" encourages and exhorts parents and parents-to-be to set an example by modeling their lives on Christ and to point their children to Jesus. From a child's fearful response to a bad storm, to a realization that the death of a loved one is not final, these stories will touch your heart and cause you to prayerfully covet such blessings for your own family. And, oh, what blessings can result! With a nine-year-old's tender heart for souls ("Dad, did Roy Rogers go to Heaven?") and the sobering realization that the time with our children is short, the author brings home the point that parents have a duty, to bring up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. As Woodard so clearly points out, it is the next generation, who will lead our nation and our churches. We must teach them to have a contrite, humble and willing servant's heart; we must pray for them; we must show them that God's strength and grace will allow them to stand firm when difficult times come; and we must leave with them a Christian heritage that they can pass on to the generations which will follow after them.

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