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    A More Sure Word 

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R. B. Ouellette
Published by Striving Together Publications

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different kinds of “Bibles” on the shelves at the average Christian bookstore? Do they really all say the same thing? And most importantly, which one truly represents the authoritative Word of God? Do we even have a correct Bible in English that we can trust as the Word of God? This book addresses a very sensitive subject with kindness, candor, authority, and biblical support. Every page points believers to the most biblical, the most logical, and the most historically sensible position regarding the true Word of God for English-speaking people. Writing in a style and with a spirit that touches the life of the average believer, this book is perfect for new Christians or those seeking to cut through the scholarly semantics to the true heart of the matter—in which Bible should we place our complete confidence as the authoritative Word of God? 216 pages, hardcover

Price: $14.95


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