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    Bone of His Bone 

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F. J. Huegel
Published by Zondervan ()


Call (812) 867-9700 for availability of used copies.

This book is one of the great Christian classics of the twentieth century. If you will look at the lives of men and women whom God has profoundly transformed throughout history, you will discover that God always uses the same truths. It is these very truths which Huegel presents in this book.

Bone of His Bone has deeply affected the lives of tens of thousands of Christians in the twentieth century. Huegel covers material here that has been neglected in today's Christian community.

How often do we hear the message of oneness with the Lord Jesus Christ? How often do we hear the message of the cross as it works in the Christian's life? Huegel points us to a life that is participation in Christ rather than imitation of Christ. He reveals to us that the cross and Christian growth are inseparable.


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