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    Sam Jones Sermons 

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Sam Jones
Published by Christian Book Gallery

Sam Jones the man was a trophy of the grace of God. His salvation experience is the definition of Psa. 40:2. He preached to an estimated twenty-five million people in his lifetime with 500,000 being saved. Surely this ex-lawyer that lived a life of drunken dissipation became God's giant from Georgia.

Sam Jones' sermons thunder down through time and laser themselves to the pages of this little booklet. To capture this man's might and power in a few sermons would be like catching Niagra in a water glass, containing an atomic blast in a closet or harnessing all the sun's rays in a single roof top solar panel. Impossible!

His preaching is powerful, humerous, powerful, illustrative, powerful, informative, powerful, scholarly, powerful, sound and powerful. The message on repentance (a missing note in the chorus of modern day preaching) is a classic that needs to be read and re-read. Preached and repreached. Studied and re-studied. The illustrations found in these sermons are timely and usable even today. I pray God will strangely and surely warm your heart as you pursue these pages.


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