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    DVD-Ambushed and In Search Of Dudley Dumpling 

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Mr Button Video
Published by Harvest Productions


Action abounds when Gramps and Dudley travel back in time to visit the Old West and arrive in the town of Armor just moments before a daring bank robbery. They are befriended by Amanda and Peewee, and together the foursome sets out on an adventure full of excitement and suspense which culminates in a dramatic ambush.

Also included with this DVD is the bonus film of In Search of Dudley Dumpling.

Floyd's plan to save radio station WCMR from financial ruin is daring:"We'll kidnap Dudley Dumpling and make him reveal his secret for happiness to our radio audience." Dudley, however,mysteriously disappears, and Floyd orders Barney, Charlie and Elvira to find Dudley in 24 hrs. or lose their jobs. In searching for Dudley, this humorous team of bumbling reporters provide fun and excitement as they discover for themselves the secret of true happiness.A fun-filled adventure for the young-at-heart.

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