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    Gleanings from Ruth 

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Dr. Janet Walsh
Published by Sword of the Lord ()

The historical narrative of Ruth is among the most charming biblical stories ever told. It is filled with beauty, love and relevant truth for every woman of God.

In clear and understandable words, you will discover how Ruth left idolatry to spend the rest of her life worshiping the true God of Israel and how Boaz noticed her godly devotion and requested God to reward her. Little did Boaz know that God would use him as the human instrument of His care for her.

You will find yourself identifying with Ruth as a picture of a sinner who accepts Christ, rejoicing with Ruth as God provides both spiritually and physically for her needs, and experiencing the thrill of seeing God work out His plan through Boaz, her kinsman-redeemer.

Paperback 163 pages

Price: $9.95


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