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    You Can Be Saved and Know It 

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Dr. Stinnett Ballew
Published by Harvestime Books ()

One of the biggest weapons the devil uses today against the church people is doubting their salvation. Many people have doubts about their salvation because they are not saved, but this does not mean that everyone that doubts is unsaved. There are many who are truly saved that have battles with doubts. The devil knows that as long as a child of God is battling with doubts he will never have personal victory and that he will never accomplish much in the work of the Lord.

In this booklet we are going to look in the Word of God and find out first of all HOW TO BE SAVED, and then we will look at HOW TO KNOW THAT YOU ARE SAVED.

I pray the Lord will uses this booklet to reveal to the unsaved their condition before God, and bring them to Christ that they may be saved. Second I pray the Lord will use this booklet to establish truth in the heart of those that are truly saved and are doubting their salvation.

                                                                                                               Stinnett Ballew

Price: $2.00


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