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    Harold The King - CD 

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Patch the Pirate
Series: Patch the Pirate
Published by Majesty Music

Theme: Making Christ King

Captain Patch and his crew teach Harold some important lessons about humility and about making Christ the King of his heart‚ not just at Christmas, but every day of his life.

A musical tale of cookies, kings, and Christmas! With its crazy plot and colorful character, Harold the King is a hilarious look at the flawed, ungodly way that the world views Christmas. 13 songs.

Selections include: The First Noel •  Hark! the Herald Angels Sing •  Harold the King Fanfare •  Birthday of a King •  The Perfect Cookie •  I Hate Mistletoe •  Gimmie, Gimmie •  O Come, All Ye Faithful •  Worship the King • A Child of the King •   Make Yourself at Home •  Richer Than a King •  King of My Heart

Price: $15.95


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