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    A Great Cloud of Witnesses Volume 1 

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Ed Reese
Series: A Great Cloud of Witnesses
Published by Faith Baptist Publications

A Great Cloud of Witnesses Volume 1 has 20 biographies. Some of the biographies are:

Gipsy Smith; Mordecai Ham; Dwight Moody; Sam Jones; Hyman Appleman; William Booth; J. Wilbur Chapman; R. A. Torrey; William B. Riley; George Truett; Jonathan Edwards; Ira Sankey; Fanny Crosby; Lester Roloff; Oswald J. Smith; Bob Jones, Sr; Jack Wyrtzen; David Livingstone; Adoniram Judson; John Wesley; David Brainerd; George Mueller; Carl McIntire; P.P. Bliss.

Price: $9.95


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