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    Encyclopedia of Christian Biographies 

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Ed Reese
Published by AMG Publications ()

Ed Reese pored over more than 1,000 biographical books, contacted some 1,400 organizations, and reviewed a large list of Christian musicians. He has spent a lifetime studying Christian biographies. The research for Reese’s Chronological Biography of Christian History began more than fifty years ago. As a young man, Ed was discouraged when a newly purchased encyclopedia on religion left many key evangelicals out of the biography section. From that time until now, he has been researching biographies of notable Christians in history.

In these pages, the treasures of fifty years of biographical research form valuable studies of those who came before us, who made a difference in the world for Christ—no Christians still living are included in the book. These biographies will enlighten the reader regarding the ministries and lives of twenty centuries of Christian leaders. Reading about the piety and service of so many followers of Christ cannot help but encourage us all to a deeper walk with God.



About the Author:


Dr. Edward Reese has served as a pastor, evangelist, musician, missionary, educator, and writer. His previous book, the Reese Chronological Bible, created almost thirty years ago, is still in print today. His impressive database of information, called the Reese Religious Research, has been of help to a number of organizations over the years. Since 1996, Ed Reese has been teaching in missions and church ministries at Crown College in Powell, Tennessee. 


MSRP $34.99 1389 Pages
7 x 9 inches

Price: $19.95 on special


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