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    A Seven-fold Promise of His Soon Coming 

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Evangelist Dan Goodwin and Bill Waugh
Published by Goodwin Publications ()

This is not just another book dealing with prophecy. This may be the most up to date and timely book on prophetical events of our day! Evangelist Dan Goodwin and Pastor Bill Waugh believe that some end time mysteries can be seen today like never before, and that some hidden prophetic truths of Daniel have been UNSEALED in these last days!You will not be able to put this book down until you have read every chapter.

Learn why we believe we are somewhere near the end of the two-thousandth year on God's prophetic time clock. Discover the truth about the New Testament beginning not at the birth of Christ, but at Calvary. Learn of the eight clocks all ticking towards a major catastrophic event coming in the year 2012.

You will get a look at the seven major feasts and why the feast of trumpets would make a great day for the rapture. Get solid Biblical proof of a pre-tribulation rapture. Learn why we believe there will be 6000 years of human history followed by a 1000 year Sabbath rest. This is a book to stir up the slothful, and revive the defeated, as well as encourage and bring hope to the working but exhausted people of God! Christ is coming, and maybe a lot sooner than you think.


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