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    Avoiding Shipwreck In Your Relationships 

Cathy Corle
Published by Revival Fires

Life is made up of relationships - marriage, motherhood, friendships, family, church family etc. The closest relationships in life have the sweetest love and most valuable rewards, but also the most potential for pain. The closer you are to someone, the less it takes to hurt you. In every relationship conflict, there are two decisions to make: #1 What is the RIGHT thing to do? #2 What is the kindest, most considerate and thoughtful way to go about doing the right thing and taking the right stand? All of us need a reminder at some point that, not only should we stand on the right principles and take the right postion, but that we need to do so with a Christ-like spirit, manifesting the right disposition. We don't have to blow people away with our covictions and decisions in order to show them where we stand. Excellent book by Cathy Corle.

Price: $6.95


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