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    Gods Passion 

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Bud Calvert
Published by Striving Together Publications ()

The Great Commission provides more than a weekly activity of soulwinning or visitation; it reflects the very heartbeat of God. It is more than a directive for local church outreach programs; it is God’s plan for the establishment of local churches around the world.

God’s Passion is a church planting manual that will both challenge and equip you to align your heart with God’s. This book includes teaching on the biblical model of church planting as well as several chapters of intensely practical resources for both the sending church and the church planter.

These chapters will encourage you to make Christ’s last command your highest priority, and to invest your life—as a supporting church member, a sending pastor, or a church planter—into the passion of God.

(288 pages, paperback)

Price: $14.95


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