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    How I Lost My Fear of Death and How You Can Too 

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Jack McElroy
Published by McElroy Publishing ()

How I Lost My Fear of Death and How You Can Too is a new, unique, and universal soul-winning tool that you can give to anybody of any religion without fear of insulting them.

Cuts to the chase–focuses on what 10 major religions say about what you must DO to get eternal life versus what Christ has already DONE. Perfect for folks who want more detailed information before committing their lives to Christ.

An evangelistic tool that’s suitable even for a funeral. Universal appeal–everybody faces their own mortality; even Christians who want reassurance of eternal security should read this. Over 110 Scripture references explain biblical truths.

50 pictures and illustrations immediately connect with readers from ages 12 and up. Clear gospel presentation. Compact and convenient 5” × 7” size. Inviting cover–intriguing text and image designed to make you think.

Paperback 168 pages

Price: $6.99


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