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    Casting Your Care 

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Dr. Sterling Walsh
Published by Sword of the Lord ()

The burdens of life can load us down to the point of crushing us if we attempt to handle them all with our limited human strength. The Lord has made provision, however, for those who are bearing more than they are able to carry. In one succinct, yet bold statement, the case is made. "Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you." ( I Peter 5:7)

In Casting Your Care, Dr. Sterling Walsh has exposed our vulnerability and given us a fresh look at the abundant care the Lord has in store for us when we turn to him in our times of need.

Trials and difficulties are no "strange thing" (I Peter 4:12) even for a Christian. They are a normal part of life in this world, but we can survive the stress successfully if we will believe God and allow Him to demonstrate His care for us.

Paperback 151 pages

Price: $10.00


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