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    Songs of John R. Rice (Song Book) 

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Faith Singers

John R. Rice was a gifted Bible Preacher and writer. He also wrote beautiful Gospel Songs with a great message, something lacking in many songs today. During Dr. Rice's life he wrote 60 Gospel songs. This song book contains all 60 songs This song book is a collectors item. Dr. John R. Rice has graduated on to Heaven now but he left us with these beautiful songs to enjoy. There is a companion album available in the music category of the bookstore.

Price: $18.00


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Songs of John R. Rice (Cassette)Songs of John R. Rice (Cassette)
A lot of people who know of Dr. Rice do not know that he was quite a musician. He wrote at least sixty songs--words and music. Once you have heard these songs you will be able to pick them out anywhere because of their unique sound.

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