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    Suffering & Death 

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Henry R. Pike
Published by Freedom Baptist Church ()

The Saint's Highest Calling Here is a gripping, powerful little book. It glows with a unique insight into the human experience of faith in Christ, in conflict with life's manifold sorrows. Its pages contain a gold mine of astute wisdom and Christian maturity, forged on the anvil of sorrow and pain. A paraplegic, veteran foreign missionary bares his soul in a candid frankness that is reverently daring, scripturally sound and sweetly comforting.

Chapter Titles:

  • Every Believer has a Calling
  • Heresies Concerning Suffering and Death
  • Faith Now Sits on the Throne of God
  • Men of Faith who Temporarily Lost Faith
  • Paul's Faith and the Saints of Hebrews 11
  • True Prosperity and some Men Who Fell ill
  • A Football Accident: God Tackled Me
  • From the Microphone to the Master
  • Which View? From the Bottom or the Top?
  • The Fruits of Suffering: Taunting the Fire
  • The Fellowship of His Sufferings
  • Interpreting Life Right
  • Thank You, God, for Everything?
  • Stop Trying to Figure it All Out
  • Where is the Joy of the Lord?
  • Our Final Call
  • No Hope after Death: Dying to See Heaven
  • Setting Your House in Order
  • God's Plan for Your Salvation

Paperback 114 pages

Price: $6.95


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