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    Things Hard To Be Understood 

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David Cloud
Published by Cloud

This volume deals with a wide variety of biblical difficulties. Find the answer to the seeming contradictions in the Bible. Meet the challenge of false teachers who misuse biblical passages to prove their doctrine. Find out the meaning of difficult passages. Be confirmed in your confidence in the inerrancy and perfection of the Scriptures. Learn the meaning of difficult expressions such as "the unpardonable sin."

It contains no criticism of the English Authorized Version. One of the things which sets this volume apart from others written on this topic is its practical nature and the fact that it is written from a fundamentalist, Bible-believing Baptist viewpoint. We desire to help protect God's people from the false teachers who abound in these last days. They raise nagging questions and doubts by misusing passages of Scripture to "prove" their specious doctrines.

Examples of passages considered in this context are verses misused by Seventh-day Adventists to support their doctrines of soul sleep and annihilation, verses misused by the Roman Catholic Church to support its doctrines of Mary and the Papacy and purgatory, verses used by ecumenists to justify their unscriptural goals, verses used to support infant baptism and baptismal regeneration, and verses misused by those who deny the doctrine of eternal security. 342 pages, 7X8, perfect bound.

Paperback 437 pages


Price: $19.95


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