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    In Awe of Thy Word 3 CD Set 

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Dr. G. A. Riplinger
Published by A V Publications ()


These resources are a must for every pastor and serious student of the Bible. This 3 CD-Rom set includes the following resources:

1. The King James Bible searchable words, letter groups, and phrases. An excellent tool when trying to find the Bible's built-in dictionary.

2. In Awe of Thy Word the new 1200 page book by Dr. G A Riplinger and fully searchable!

3. The Nuremberg Polyglot (A.D. 1599) containing the Gospels in 12 languages, as they appeared before the KJV of 1611. The Greek, Hebrew, Syriac, Latin, French, Spanish, Italian, German, English, Bohermian, Polish and Danish gospels match the KJV precisely and prove modern versions like the TNIV and NKJV in error. This work documents verse comparisons in "In Awe of Thy Word".

4. The Tome of the Pa;raphrase of Erasmus Upon the New Testament (1548-1549) Vol 1 and 2.  Erasmus' commentary on the New Testament (the original English translation), valued at over $30,000 today, has never before been made available to everyone.  It is about 1880 pages, accompanied by the English New Testament of 1540.  It provides an addition to chapter 27 of In Awe of Thy Word.

5.  The Acts and Monuments by John Foxe This is the rare entire 8 volumes of Foxe's Book of Martyrs (not the standard one volume), nearing 6000 pages long.  It was originally written in 1563; this is the 1837-49 printing.  Reading this is a spiritual experience of a lifetime.  Print out a page a day for 16 years of devotionals.  This work documents quotes in chapters 15-28 of In Awe of Thy Word.


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