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    Regina Silsby's Secret War 

Thomas J. Brodeur
Published by Bob Jones University Press

…Not until she reached the back gate of her father’s garden did she slow her pace. Through the shrubbery she bustled and climbed the woodpile to her window. Thrusting up the sash, she tumbled through the opening, gathered up her bed sheet ladder, and banged down the pane once more. After arranging the curtains she tugged off her wig and mask. "Well, that’s that," she said with a smile.

"Indeed?" came a voice from behind her.

     Pre-revolution Boston walks a tightrope. Will the townsfolk continue to appease the king of England, or preserve the freedoms he is bringing more and more under siege? Regina Silsby seems to have taken up arms in defense of freedom. But how can that be?

She has been dead for thirty years!

Price: $8.99


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