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    Scamper Squirrel 

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Dr. Hugh Pyle
Published by Sword of the Lord

These stories he told resulted in a series of children's books. This pamphlet was the first in the series and makes for an excellent bedtime story for the little ones. Little Scamper Squirrel only gets into more and more real trouble as his one small sin snowballs into an avalanche of sins. Stealing leads to lying; and his lying might help Freddie Fox get his next meal: Grandma Goose! And then more lies until the wrong criminal is almost arrested for Scamper's "nutty" crime. Read "Scamper Squirrel" to find out how Scamper settles his account with the law and learns that the Bible is always right: "Be sure your sin will find you out" (Numbers 32:23).

Price: $1.95


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