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    What Is The Emerging Church? 

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David Cloud
Published by David Cloud

This is a thorough examination of this movement, which involves a new approach to missions and church life among some “evangelicals” for these present times.
Nothing has made me more conscious of the vicious battle that is raging for the very life and soul of Bible-believing churches than my research into the emergent church. It is frightful, because so many are falling into devil’s trap and so many more will doubtless fall in the coming days.
Emerging church leaders have the objective of proselytizing our children and grandchildren. In his 2008 book
Finding Our Way Again: The Return of the Ancient Practices,
Brian McLaren describes his plan to infiltrate churches and Christian institutions that are currently rejecting the emerging church.
In this book we explore the following: (1) What is the Emerging Church? (2) A Great Blending and Merging (3) The Liberal Emerging Church (4) The Conservative Emerging Church (5) Brian McLaren: The Emerging Church’s Biggest Mouth (6) Cain the First Emergent Worshipper (7) Charles Spurgeon Exposed the Emerging Church.

485 Pages.


Price: $19.95


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