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    The Guide to Practical Pastoring 

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C. Summer Wemp
Published by Christian Book Gallery ()

Summer Wemp has been a pastor for most of his adult life, and the day-to-day experiences of his hard-earned wisdoem are distilled in this needed handbook for pastors - a handbook that takes up where most seminaries leave off.

Unlike most books for pastors, The Guide to Practical Pastoring give sample dialogues as models for hospital visitation, door-to-door evangelization, and comfore for the bereaved - instances where is is often difficult to find the right words. Wemp's enthusiasm for preaching Chris is contagious as he offers convincing arguments for extending an invitation even at funerals and weddings.

In addition to giving complete outlines for all types of services, Wemp emphasizes the distinctive joys associated with each one and gives ideas for exciting the congregation to fuller participation.

Paperback 280 pages

Price: $7.95


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