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    Life Quest Teacher Edition 

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Cary Schmidt
Series: Life Quest Curriculum
Published by Striving Together Publications ()

Whether you are thirty-something wondering where the last fifteen years went, twenty-something in search of your true purpose, or a late teen preparing to enter adult life, Life Quest is a guide to braving adulthood with biblical passion.

Sociologists and psychologists of our day are documenting a huge societal problem—people have stopped growing up! We are addicted to staying immature and irresponsible. We seek immediate gratification and the path of least resistance—and we’re paying a very high price!

This curriculum will place you on a forward path of biblical principles. Don’t waste another day in what some call a “perpetual state of limbo”! Discover the true rewards of living God’s purpose and embracing the challenges of adulthood.

280 Pages - Spiral bound.

Price: $13.95


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