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    Galatians 1 & 2: Exposition, Commentary, Application 

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Laurence M. Vance
Published by Vance Publications

Aside from its high view of Scripture, this commentary is written with some other presuppositions in mind as well. This is also true of any other individual commentary or series—it is just not usually so forthrightly expressed.

First, the genuineness of not only Galatians, but all of the Pauline Epistles, is accepted without reservation. Second, the historical accuracy of the Book of Acts and its concord with the Pauline Epistles is also unequivocally recognized. Third, the primacy of Paul and his epistles is maintained. This does not mean that the Pauline Epistles are any more inspired than the rest of the Scripture. It does, however, mean that since the Pauline Epistles were specifically written to New Testament Christians and their churches that the emphasis will be primarily on what Paul says, and secondarily on what the rest of the Bible has to add about any particular subject.

The fourth presupposition concerns the nature and significance of the New Testament church. When Paul made converts on his missionary journeys he established churches—independent churches of baptized disciples. Many of the same problems that existed in the churches of the first century can be found in churches today. Therefore, this commentary will have an emphasis on the local church that is missing in most commentaries. ~ from the preface

Paperback 154 pages

Price: $12.95


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