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Dean M. Weaver
Published by Multiple Ministries

Detailed outlines and notes on all the chapters of the book of Exodus with the exception of the Tabernacle chapters. (See The Testimony of Typology in the Tabernacle book below).

From the Foreword:

These outlines were developed for use in my Sunday School class at First Baptist Church, East Flat Rock, N.C. The period in which they were used was approximately three years.

Each chapter has a title suggested by the text, and, in many cases, is the exact wording of the text. Under the chapter title (at the beginning of each chapter) there is a mini-outline. In the column opposite the alliterate outline there are short notations, which I hope you will find helpful in the use of this material. The verse to which the note refers has a number by it.

A study Bible and your own notes will make this book much better. Use the material in your teaching and preaching as you are led by the Holy Spirit.

Given to the ministry of the Word,

                                         Dean M. Weaver


Tall Paperback 132 pages

Price: $16.95


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