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    D. L. Moody: Bringing Souls to Christ 

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Janet and Geoff Benge
Series: Christian Heroes: Then & Now
Published by YWAM Publishing ()

"The next Sunday, when D.L. Moody returned to collect the children for Sunday school, their father was waiting for him. 'Did you pour out my whiskey?' the angry father snarled. 'I'll trash you for that.' The father took off his jacket and rolled up his shirtsleeves, ready to fight. D.L. stood his ground. 'I broke the jug and poured out the whiskey for the good of you and your family,' he said. 'If I am to be trashed, let me pray for you all before you do that.'"

Seventeen-year-old Dwight Lyman Moody changed his name, moved to Boston, and began pursuing dreams of becoming a wealthy businessman. But God had other plans for him. Instead of business, evangelism was to be his life's work. D.L. devoted his life to proclaiming the gospel, serving the poor, and mentoring fellow ministers.

A leader of great vision, D. L. Moody served his fellow man through Civil War outreach, his Sunday school and church, and revival campaigns in America and abroad. His passion for bringing souls to Christ continues to be felt today in Christian education and ministry everywhere.

Paperback 192 pages

Written for readers age 10 and up -- enjoyed by adults!

Janet and Geoff Benge are a husband and wife writing team with over 20 years of writing experience. Janet is a former elementary school teacher. Geoff holds a degree in history. Originally from New Zealand, the Benges spent ten years serving with Youth With A Mission. They have three grown children.

Price: $9.99


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