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    The Power of Pentecost 

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Dr. John R. Rice
Published by Sword of the Lord

"The Power of Pentecost" by Dr. John R. Rice may be the most exhaustive and complete Bible study on the question of the fullness of the Spirit written in modern times. It is a new and vigorous scriptural analysis of the meaning of Pentecost. Here is scholarly yet simple and lucid discussion of the terms "filled with the Spirit," "baptized with the Spirit" "the gift of the Spirit," and kindred terms. Basing every conclusion on the Scriptures and harmonizing perfectly all of the Scriptures that bear on this matter, this is a kindly and thoroughly satisfying analysis of the tongues matters, as well. Topics include: The Lost Secret of God's Power, Misunderstood Pentecost, Spirit-Filling Empowers Witnessing, Speaking With Tongues, How to Be Filled With the Spirit, The Biblical Dynamics of a New Testament Church, The Keys to Successful Ministry. It is the sincere desire of the publishers that the dear Lord in Heaven may use this book to prepare Christians everywhere for revival and soul winning. 283 pages, hardback.

Price: $14.95


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