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    Remembering the Old Paths 

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Faith Music Missions
Published by Faith Music Missions

Tracks include:
1. When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New (Gayle Russ/Down Home)
2. We'll Soon Be Done with Troubles and Trials (Streams in the Desert Trio, Vol. 2)
3. Where I Stand (Sounds of Faith/Lord, I Need You Again Today)
4. The Lord Is Good (Epleys/I Don't Regret a Mile)
5. Patriot's Honor (Matt McMorris/In Christ Alone)
6. Train Up a Child (Daugherty Family/Saved)
7. Have You Been Washed in the Blood of Jesus (Bruce Frye/Adopted) | There Is Power in the Blood (Bruce Frye/Adopted) | Are You Washed in the Blood (Bruce Frye/Adopted)
8. Thas Sounds Like Home to Me (Sandie Slye/Were It Not for Grace)
9. Somebody Touched Me (Tharp Brothers/I Will Serve Thee)
10. Precious Lord, Take My Hand (Michelle Fugate/He's Been Faithful)
11. Value Your Heritage (Rossi Family/Value Your Heritage)

Price: $15.95


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