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Evangelist John R. Rice books and music

Billy Sunday biography, books, photos, video, timeline, sermons

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Special Value Sets

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75 Gospel Songs and Hymns (CD)
75 Gospel Songs and Hymns (CD)
various artists
Congregational Hymns 6-CD Set (CD)
Congregational Hymns 6-CD Set (CD)
Faith Music Missions
All 6 CD's in our Congregational Hymns series. This collection is particularly designed for the church that needs a pianist, whether for the church service, a missionary in the field, or anywhere a pianist is not available.
$179.00 only $125.00 ON SPECIAL   
Playing Piano Praises Volumes 1-3 Pack
Playing Piano Praises Volumes 1-3 Pack
Glenn & Jan Christianson
This special package deal includes all three volumes of Jan and Glenn Christianson's Playing Piano Praises series on one full length CD. This CD includes every song in the three formerly published piano books.
$16.95 only $5.00 ON SPECIAL   
Songs of John R. Rice (Cassette)
Songs of John R. Rice (Cassette)
Faith Singers
A lot of people who know of Dr. Rice do not know that he was quite a musician. He wrote at least sixty songs--words and music. Once you have heard these songs you will be able to pick them out anywhere because of their unique sound.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4

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