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    The Life and Sayings of Sam P. Jones 

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Laura McElwain Jones
Published by Christian Book Gallery ()

Written by his wife, The Life and Sayings of Sam Jones is an excellent read of a man who gave his life to serving the Lord and others. He trusted God and followed Him faithfully.


We have not tried to give a critical study of Mr. Jones and his labors, but to present in the simplest way, that those who knew and loved him might have a true record of his long, useful career. The book, however, will be suggestive to those who wish to know the secret of his wonderful life.

We have made free use of illustrations, anecdotes, and stories related by Mr. Jones to make the work characteristic of himself As there is such a demand for his "Sayings," we have included many of them. The reader may follow his development, his crowning ministry, and study him in the many capacities in which he served.


Some of his Sayings include:

"Give your heart to God and he will comb the kinks out of your head."

"Society is a heartless old wretch, and if you don't get out of it you will go to hell with it."

"You can't bribe God's grand jury when you come to judgement."

"Every barroom is a recruiting office for hell."

"Custom is the law of fools, and it is ruining this country."


...and many more.

Paperback 464 pages

Price: $9.95


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