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    No Condemnation In Christ 

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Octavius Winslow
Published by Banner of Truth ()

Words from Romans chapter eight feature frequently in discussions of Christian’s favorite texts in the Bible. It contains some of the richest and most encouraging statements in the whole of the New Testament. yet it is not a string of isolated sentences, but a rich mosaic of grace, a tapestry of truth woven together into a magnificent unity. Beginning with the promise of ‘no condemnation’ it moves to a climax in its assurance that there will be ‘no separation’ for those who belong to Christ.

In No Condemnation in Christ, once a much-loved study but now long out of print, Octavius Winslow gives an exposition which puts on display the treasures of grace to be found in the letter which Martin Luther once called ‘the clearest Gospel of them all.’

Paperback 400 pages

Price: $11.00


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